Portrait and Headshot Session Tips

What you need to know to get the most out of your session

Planning for your session is key

  • Get plenty of rest the night before.  Getting enough sleep will leave you looking and feeling your best.  And when you look and feel good, your photos will also look great. 
  • Eat before your session.  Eating immediately before your shoot is a bad idea - leaving you bloated or in a "food coma" - but you should not show up hungry.  Trying to pose when you are dreaming of food will take you out of the moment and your session will not have a relaxed, fun feel.  Instead, it will be the thing preventing you from being comfortable
  • If you are getting a haircut, do it a week before your session.  While a new haircut is exciting and leaves you feeling great, it can take a little time for you to settle into a new cut.  I want you to see yourself when you look at your photos and that is hard to do when it looks like you are playing dress-up.  Which leads me into my next point.
  • Choose clothing that you love and bring several options.  Being comfortable in your shoes and clothing leaves you looking confident in your photos.  But sometimes your clothing will take center stage, instead of you.  By having multiple options, we can ensure that your images are about you and not your clothes.  Generally, solid colors or large patterns work well.  Small patterns and very bright colors draw attention to the clothing rather than you, but can work in some instances.  If you are unsure what to wear, please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.
  • Carefully choose your shooting location.  Think about what the location means to you.  Do you want a pretty backdrop or do you want a place that you have a connection with?  Also think about how busy your potential location may be.  If you are shy, then a shoot downtown on Main Street with many people coming by may be uncomfortable.
  • Be yourself.  This is the most important point and I saved it for last, so you would remember it.  My motto "unapologetically you" wasn't chosen randomly.  I believe photos should convey your personality and style, not what anyone else thinks your style should be.  My job is to capture what makes you unique in stunning imagery.  Your job is to be yourself in all of your amazing glory.