Event Photography Planning

Is event photography right for you?

Distant relatives attending a baby shower gives you the perfect excuse to treat your family to professional event photos. I capture all of the little moments, so you can live in the moment. 

When exploring event photography options, it is important to consider the following goals:

  • Live in the moment. After spending countless hours planning and decorating for that special event, you should enjoy the company of your guests. If you are worried about trying to photograph everything, you won't feel like you have the time to engage with that old friend you only see a couple of times a year or to help your child get to know a distant relative. Let me document the event, while you focus on the people.

  • Provide an event recap on your company website or in your newsletter.  Showing employee appreciation through retirement parties and company picnics can boost morale.  When you recap these events on your website or in print, you remind current and future employees that you work hard to provide a good working environment by fostering friendships between employees.

  • Volunteer recruitment or donor solicitation.  The saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words", so why not let that work for you?  Professional photos of your organization in action can give potential volunteers or donors an image that delivers a more powerful message than words alone.

  • Thank your sponsors.  Recognizing sponsors with professional photographs of your event clearly demonstrates the impact their contribution made to your organization.